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WA Ultimate produces a monthly e-newsletter. It is highly recommended that all members subscribe to this newsletter to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest news and announcements. You can subscribe here.

'Ultimatum' is the official newsletter of the WA Flying Disc Association Inc and this publication is produced biannually.
Current and previous editions can be downloaded below:

Ultimatum Issue 11 (2014)
Ultimatum Issue 10 (2014)
Ultimatum Issue 09 (2013)
Ultimatum Issue 08 (2012)
Ultimatum Issue 07 (2011)
Ultimatum Issue 06 (2011)
Ultimatum Issue 05 (2009)
Ultimatum Issue 04 (2009)
Ultimatum Issue 03 (2008)
Ultimatum Issue 02 (2008)
Ultimatum Issue 01 (2007)
Ultimatum Vol 4, Issue 1 (2006) 
Ultimatum Vol 3, Issue 2 (2005) 
Ultimatum Vol 3, Issue 1 (2005)
Ultimate Bits Issue 06 (2004)
Ultimate Bits Issue 05 (2004)
Ultimate Bits Issue 04 (2003)
Ultimate Bits Issue 03 (2203)
Ultimate Bits Issue 02 (2003)
Ultimate Bits Issue 01 (2002)

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Postal Address:
PO Box 222

Street Address:
McGilvray Road
Mount Claremont WA 6010
E-mail: contact@waultimate.com


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