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AFDA Number & Registration

How do I register for a tournament / league / event?

Three websites to watch!

First thing to understand is that we work across three websites, this may seem confusing at first but it won’t take long to get comfortable with the set up.

We have our official WA site www.waultimate.com All information relevant to activities and latest news here in Western Australia. This is where we advertise local league and tournaments unique to WA. Don’t worry we always put direct links to registration pages in all our articles so you shouldn’t have to go looking at an unfamiliar external site.

Then there is the website of the Australian Flying Disc Association, www.afda.com (this is our National Sporting Organisation) they take care of insurance, membership databases and event hosting registration systems. Every single tournament and league has a unique registration page specific to that event only. You not registered for an event unless you appear on the registration page for each league and tournament via this site.

Lastly there is the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) website, rules.wfdf.org (our international governing body). This site will be visited less frequently but it where players will need to be directed to in order to get there rules accreditation (more on this later in the help guide).

How to register for a League or a Tournament?

Firstly all players on your team will need to be a member. To sign up is free, simply get each player to head to www.afda.com and join. When each player has done this they will be able to register on your team via the registration page for that league. If you are the Captain or an administrator of the team you will be able to add players to your roster using the email address they used when signing up. Click the direct link to the registration site provided to go the competition registration page (this will be found on the WA Ultimate website). You will need to be logged in to www.afda.com in order to register your team. Step by step instructions with pictures available for download on the following:

Comprehensive FAQ section for our leagues can be found here. 

I forgot my AFDA member password

  • If you have forgotten your password, visit www.afda.com and following the prompts provided by clicking the "sign in" tab located in the top right hand corner.

Rules Accreditation

For nearly all events there will be a requirement to have a certain amount of eople on your team hold a rules accreditation. These requirements are set out in the event advertisement. There will be deadline ans proceses explain on how to submit proof for each event you take part in. Rules accreditation last for 18 months so for each event you do not need to retake the test if you are already accredited but you must submit proof of accreditation when asked. In order to check the status of yours and your teammates accreditation (if required) you will need their WFDF ID number (help below).

Contact Us

Postal Address:
PO Box 222

Street Address:
180 Charles Street
(located within the Volleyball WA offices)

E-mail: contact@waultimate.com
Phone: 0434 370 954

How To Register

Not sure how to register for a league or event? Forgot your password?

Visit our handy hints page here.

Comprehensive information guide on our leagues here.

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