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League Rules

Perth Ultimate League – League Rules


  1. Teams and players must be registered via the AFDA website (www.afda.com) online registration system.
  2. All players must be registered prior to commencing play for insurance purposes.


  1. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that the team fee has been paid prior to the commencement of Round three (3) games. A late fee of $75 will be charged if team payment is not made before Round three (3).
  2. League Fee for Juniors - For all players under the age of 18 at the time of league registration a $10 discount to the team will apply. Captains are responsible for ensuring the discount applies to that players contribution to the team fee. 
  3. League Fee for WAFDA Committee Members - a $10 discount to their player fee will apply. Captains are responsible for ensuring the discount applies to that players contribution to the team fee. 
  4. Teams with outstanding league fees will be ineligible for finals and their players will be ineligible for subsequent leagues until outstanding fees are paid in full.

Rules of Play

The 2017 WFDF Rules of Play will be adhered to with the following modifications

  1. Gender Split: A7.2. Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule):
    1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).
    2. If teams wish to play with a gender split outside of these League Rules, the changes must be agreed on by the captains before the start of the game.
    3. If a team cannot play with either of the gender splits in rule 1.1 above, the team can play with a gender split for less than 7 players, so long as it does not involve more than four (4) players of one gender. Captains may agree at any point in the game to play with a gender split outside of these League Rules, so long as it does not involve more than four (4) players of one gender. 

Teams may apply to the League director for an exemption on the gender split rules. Likely examples would be women's development teams, masters or junior teams.

Safety – Players:

    1. Must not wear steel sprigs.
    2. Must not wear uncovered jewellery.
    3. Must not wear watches.
    4. Must wear shoes.

Game Conditions

  1. Perth Ultimate League
    1. Time cap: Sixty (60) minutes, declared by the League Director.
    2. Point limit: games are to 15; mirrored half at 8. No half-time break.
    3. End of Game: when the time cap is reached, the current point should be completed to conclude the game. There cannot be any draws, so after time cap if the teams are equal, a universe point must be played.
    4. Time-outs: Two (2) per team, per game, Two (2) minutes duration. No time outs are allowed after the time cap has been reached.

Score Sheets

  1. Each team must complete their score sheets at the end of every game.  To correctly complete the score sheet, team captains must:
    1. Complete the online form by 5pm each Friday for the current round of play.
    2. Enter their own score, score for the opposing team,
    3. Record the full names of the registered players who played (any new players must be registered prior to commencement of play for insurance purposes)
    4. Nominate 1 male and 1 female Most Valuable Player (MVP) votes for players of the opposing team.
    5. Players are only eligible for MVP votes when playing with their registered team.
    6. Complete all 5 categories of the Spirit of the Game scoring system
    7. Scores of "0" or "4" must be justified with at least 2 examples
    8. Very Low or Very Highs will be highlighted and addressed with those teams involved
  2. Failure to correctly complete the score sheet may result in a 'Disrespect' penalty being applied.
  3. Failure to provide MVP votes and Spirit scores for the opposing team will cause your team to receive a Spirit score of zero (0) and your players will be ineligible for MVP votes for that game.


  1. Disrespect Points:
    1. Teams that do not correctly complete their online team score sheet each week.
    2. A team that accumulates a total of three (3) disrespect points over the league will not be eligible to play in the finals and will be held under review by the WAFDA Executive Committee.
  2. Pick-up players registered on another team:
    1. If a team chooses to use a pick-up player who is registered on another team, captains of both teams must agree to allow this and the team using the pick-up player must deduct two (2) points from their final score, per pick-up player.
    2. There is no point penalty for unregistered pick-up players, however these players will not be covered by insurance. Team captains must ensure all players that play on their team are registered on the AFDA website.


  1. Teams are expected to take the field on time. If a team is unable to field at least five (5) registered players ten (10) minutes after the scheduled game start time, they automatically forfeit the game. If captains agree a game may go ahead, but the score will be reported as a forfeit and a forfeit fee of $70 will be charged to the forfeiting team.
  2. The minimum number of registered players of one gender that a team can field without forfeiting is two (2).
  3. Teams will forfeit if they field less than five (5) players during any point.
  4. A Forfeit will result in a 15-nil result recorded against the forfeiting team and a forfeit fee of $70 will be charged to the team. 
  5. A team that accumulates a total of three (3) forfeits over the league will not be eligible to play in the finals.
  6. The opposition of a forfeiting team will be refunded/discounted $70 for the forfeited game.

Ladder Points

  1. Teams shall be awarded Ladder Points as per the following structure:
    1. Win – Two (2) points
    2. Loss – Zero (0) points
    3. Draw – One (1) point
    4. Bye – One (1) point
    5. Disrespect – Minus one (-1) point
    6. Forfeit – Minus two (-2) points

League Ladder

  1. The League Ladder will rank teams based on the following:
    1. Ladder Points
    2. Points For minus Points Against
    3. Points For
    4. Head to head
    5. Disc Flip

Grading disputes

Any disputes regarding grading and the division which a team is placed in must be submitted in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will be considered by the league director.


  1. To be eligible to play in the finals, a player must be officially registered and played for that team in at least four (4) of the round-robin games in the current league.
  2. Should a team who qualifies for a finals game fail to have enough eligible players, or be ineligible per other rules, they shall forfeit their place to the next ranking team on the League Ladder.
  3. All teams must confirm with the League Director 5 days prior to the finals that they will field a team for their finals match. If a team cannot field a team they shall forfeit their place to the next ranking team on the League Ladder.
  4. Placing Games - Wherever possible placing games will be played for teams that do not reach semi-finals
  5. Semi and Grand Finals - When the game is completed per division rules, if scores are tied then teams play one more point to establish a winner.


  1. Games may be cancelled in the event of:
    1. Loss of Lights
    2. Extreme Weather Conditions as deemed by the League Director
  2. General League Games that are cancelled will have a 1-1 Draw result recorded.
  3. Finals that are cancelled will be replayed the following week.

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