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Trick Throws

What is a ‘trick throw’. A trick throw in many opinions, is any throw which you wouldn’t see or have use for in a standard game of Ultimate.
This doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

Want to be the next ‘Brodie Smith’ or be like the Perth group ‘How Ridiculous’ ? Here are a few to get you started!


This throw can be made to look quite fancy and can generate a lot of spin like a forehand throw.
GRIP: Place the inside edge of your thumb against the inside of the rim, the index finger along the outside of the rim, and the remaining fingers flat on the top (picture side) of the disc.
STANCE: Face your target - The throw is from the forehand side.
WRIST:  The disc starts upside-down at about waist height, the arm loops around and comes up inline with your throwing shoulder. Releasing the disc the right way up, inline or slightly above the shoulder. The wrist needs to flick forward so that plenty of spin is imparted to the disc on release.
ANGLE: Try have the outside edge of the disc stay down toward the ground, the disc is released almost flat.
POINT: follow through your flick and point to your target.


A Scooba can be described as a ‘mini hammer throw’, the throw consists of the same grip and dynamics of the hammer throw, but is thrown over the shoulder, rather than your head.
GRIP: Place your 2 fingers (index and middle fingers) upon the inside rim of the disc. Place your thumb on top of the rigid part of the disc. Make sure you have a firm grip on the disc, but not too tight.
STANCE: Step across and turn your body so the shoulder of your throwing arm is facing your target. – thrown from the backhand side.
WRIST: bring the disc up over your opposite shoulder (opposite to throwing arm) as you lead through with your arm flick your wrist forward as release the disc up into the air. Generating spin by pushing on the rim of the disc.
ANGLE: Release the disc on a 45 – 60 degree angle – so it can fly the correct shape.
POINT: release the disc and point up and forward, the flight path is identical to a hammer throw.


You could somewhat describe this throw as a opposite of a normal hammer, as it’s grip and flight path is the opposite of one.

GRIP: Standard backhand grip (4 fingers under the rim, thumb on top)
STANCE: Face your target - The throw is from the forehand side.
WRIST: The disc is flipped over so that the picture side of the disc is resting on the wrist and forearm. Bring the disc is back and up towards the shoulder (throwing arm shoulder) and then throw the disc forwards, ensure to flick your wrist to generate spin on the disc.
ANGLE: Realese the disc on about a 45 Degree angle, similar to a hammer throw.
POINT: Try and aim slightly above your target so the disc can fly with the correct shape.


Another variation of the Hammer Throw, this one could be described as a thumb hammer.
GRIP: This throw uses a ‘reverse grip’. The thumb is inside the rim of the disc, the outside edge of the thumb (the side away from the fingers) is pushed against the disc’s rim and the fingers are supporting the outside (picture side). Keep the grip is slightly loose.
STANCE: Face your target - The throw is from the forehand side.
WRIST: The disc is brought back towards the throwing shoulder (throwing arm shoulder) and then thrown forwards. There needs to be a good amount of spin to get the disc to fly properly
 ANGLE: Release the disc at an angle of about 45 degrees. The flight path is the reverse of the hammer.
POINT: After releasing the disc you want to be pointing/aiming slightly above your target but direct the disc to the target by following through your throw.


This is almost an upside down backhand throw, that curves in 2 directions.
GRIP: This throw uses a backhand grip with the disc held upside-down. The thumb is inside the disc, with the inside edge of the thumb (the side closest to the fingers) pushed against the rim, and the fingers underneath on the picture side.
STANCE: Step across your body so your throwing arm’s shoulder is facing your target. The throw is from the backhand side.
WRIST: The disc is brought back towards the opposite shoulder (opposite to throwing arm) and then thrown forwards. The disc needs lots of wrist flick to generate enough spin.
ANGLE: Release the disc at an angle of about 30- 45 degrees.
POINT: Follow through your throw and point to your target, the flight path is similar to a hammer, although it tends to fly at a low height, and it will usually fade towards the backhand side at the end of its flight.

Got some cool throws, trick shot videos? we want to see them! either upload them online or send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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