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League Winners PUL 70

Another League has come and gone. Huge thanks to our League Director; Sarah Brereton for taking care of us this league. And the winners are...

Taking out honours in the PUL 70 in A Division was "Hammer Thyme" beating "Diu" in B Division we had "Moon Doggies" over the "Disco Ducks" in the grand final showdowns.

Young at Heart DG and Dadgaudians were crowned Spirit of the Game winners in divisions A & B respectively.

Most Valuable Players in Division A were Mandy Ang (Diu), Jong Fong Wei (Diu) and Amanda Hooper (FEAR the Wolf), and James Heffernan (No DISCounts) in Division B.


PUL70 Winners

Thanks to all who participated in the new league is set to start in two weeks and registration is now open here.

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