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WA Representatives at AMUC DII 2019

The Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships Division II are being held in Nelson Bay, NSW from October 18-20 .

We have three teams from WA competing in this event! Follow all the action via the club Facebook pages or the AMUC DII Official Facebook page.

Need fixtures? The full schedule will be online here.

Who is playing for who?? Check out the line up here:


Lauren Hoskins (Captain)
Leighton Cotter (Captain)
Rachel Deluca-Cardillo (Spirit Captain)
Jack Nathan
Jonathan Shield
Joshua Higgins
Julian Bocking
Mariah Smith
Matthew Eton
Max Qua
Peter Waghorne
Ryan Black
Sabrina Moro
Sarah Brereton
Serena Ho


Alicia Lim (Coach)
Kelvin Tan (Manager)
Audrey Chen (Captain)
Dean Ling (Captain)
James Deeks (Spirit Captain)
Ashley Teo
Ching Ching Lee
Douglas Chia
Fong Wei Jong
Katerina Metelkova
Kristin Chai
Litani Looby
Luke Loudon
Mandy Ting
Martin Lesueur
Matthew Streatfield
Megan McKenna
Philip Geach
Sing Yic Kong
Sophie Kilby
Wei-Feng Loh


Steph Maher (Coach)
Phoebe Kaluzynski (Captain)
Ryan Kovalevs (Captain)
Zia Palmer (Spirit Captain)
Brendon Loh
Chelsea Cheng
Eliza McDonald
Hana Arai
Ivan Wu
Jeremy Murray-Yong
Kyler Coghlan
Luke Cannon
Ren Heiden
Rhian Pearce
Samuel Imperial
Wesley Podmore

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