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WAFDA Seeks High Performance Committee Members

WA Ultimate are currently looking for members to join the High Performance Committee to assist WA Ultimate in improving and overseeing all state team campaigns and the WA Ultimate Academy. Members will be appointed by the Director of High Performance and the Executive Committee. If you are interested in joining the High Performance Committee please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms of Reference - WAFDA High Performance Committee


The purpose of the WAFDA High Performance Committee (the Committee) is to oversee and improve the coaching and management of state teams, to appoint coaches and approve player selections for state teams, to oversee and manage the WA Ultimate Academy, to appoint coaches and select players for the WA Ultimate Academy, and to ensure the continuing development of elite players in WA.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Manage the application and appointment process for coaches, selectors, managers, medical and other staff for state teams (HP staff)
  • Recommend HP staff appointments to the WAFDA Board
  • Approve selections of players onto state teams
  • Oversee state team campaigns and manage the performance of HP staff
  • Review state team campaigns at the conclusion of the event(s)
  • Review state team programs from other sports and from overseas ultimate organisations
  • Manage the WA Ultimate Academy, including appointing coaches, selecting players, coordinating the yearly calendar, and approving training session plans
  • Support the WAFDA’s strategic goals for high performance
  • Regularly review existing WAFDA HP policies and programs
  • Identify capabilities and develop training and resources for HP staff
  • Through the Chair, advise the WAFDA Board, and membership, on HP policies and programs


The policies, programs and resources developed should be prioritised based on opportunities as well as current demand, and should aim to cover:

  • Grass and beach teams
  • U18 and U22 state teams
  • Women’s, men’s and mixed teams
  • Development pathways from league or university level to club or state team level through to national team roles
  • Barriers specific to female elite players and support staff
  • Barriers specific to elite players and HP staff with an indigenous, refugee or culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background


The Committee will be chaired by the WAFDA Director of High Performance as a voting member, and will consist of up to four other voting members, appointed by the Chair.

Chair duties

  • Chair meetings
  • Set the agenda for meetings
  • Appoint committee members
  • Manage the performance of committee members
  • Liaise with the WAFDA Board
  • Represent the committee to the AFDA and external organisations

Meeting procedure

The WAFDA standing orders apply with regard to committee meeting procedure and voting rules. The committee can meet in person, via videoconference, via teleconference or may vote via email.

Out-of-session communications will take place via an email list.

Overall committee skills and experience

The Chair will aim to appoint a committee that is:

  • gender diverse (at least 33% of each gender)
  • includes knowledge, understanding and/or experience of:
    • Both grass ultimate and beach ultimate
    • U18, U22, open, masters and grand masters age divisions
    • Women’s, men’s and mixed divisions
    • The style of play in the top 8 ranked WFDF countries
    • HP staff capabilities, including coaching, selection, management and medical

These form optional criteria for applications for the committee.

If the committee is lacking in capability in any of these areas, it will identify suitable training for one or more committee members.

Member duties

  • Contribute constructively and materially to discussions
  • Vote in polls
  • Participate in regular meetings
  • Engage with high performance athletes and support staff in their local area
  • Consult with key stakeholders on issues before the committee
  • Declare a conflict of interest if seeking appointment as HP staff, or if seeking selection on a state team or as part of the WA Ultimate Academy, and abstain from relevant polls

These form the essential criteria for applications for the committee.

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