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Rule Review - Perth Ultimate League

The WAFDA Committee have reviewed and updated the Perth Ultimate League rules.


Be sure you take a read before registering and know how to access them for ongoing reference. These rules come into effect September 19th and are to be used for PUL #71 onwards.

The Perth Ultimate League rules can be found here.

Key updates include:

  • Cleaned up the language on gender split and what to do if variations are required.
  • Removal of half time mirror.
  • Updated the time out durations to align with standard WFDF rulings.
  • All fixtures and scoring will move to be completely online so the score submission instructions have been updated accordingly.
  • How and when to apply any pick-up penalty points.
  • How and when any cancellations (if required) will take place.

If you are new to the league or need a refresher on how it all works you can take a look at the FAQ page here.

Guiding principles that determine future league formats are based on team registration numbers:

  • Up to 10 teams will be a single pool, round-robin variation followed by finals.
  • 11-15 teams will be a two-pool system including round-robin followed by finals
  • 16 teams plus will be set up to include a divisional structure determined by team strengths with relevant round-robin and finals formats.

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