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Frisbee 5's FAQ

What is Frisbee 5’s?

Frisbee 5’s is a social, non-contact, self-refereed, version of ultimate frisbee. It is played outdoors on a rectangular field and requires running, jumping, diving and develops new skills such as the backhand, forehand and overhead throws. You can throw goals, catch goals, take a diving catch and enjoy learning a brand new sport!

When does the season start?

Frisbee 5’s runs at different times in different places. For competition dates and times in your local area, head to the Venues section.

How do I register a team?

It’s really easy! Just head to the Register section, find a competition near you and complete the simple registration to get your team involved.

No Umpires! How does that work?

Self-Refereed? Spirit Of The Game? What does that mean.. for more information on Spirit Of The Game check out the page here. Although the game is self refereed, a Game Coordinator is responsible for scoring and adjudicating on close plays. You will still need to learn the rules, to be able to self adjudicate your games.. but our friendly game coordinators will be there to assist as needed.

How much does it cost to enter a team?

The cost is $20 per team per week. You can register your team now and worry about organising the money closer to the first throw! That’s a minimum of $4 per person a week.. Want it cheaper? Bring a friend and split the cost!

Payments can be made in cash or via credit/debit card before your weekly fixutre game at the competition venue.

What do I do if my team has to forfeit a game?

Why Forfeit? If you are short on players you can bring along fill-ins! Everyone looks forward to their weekly game of Frisbee 5’s so we try and do whatever we can to get a game going!
If you’re still struggling to field a team, the first thing to do is contact the Frisbee 5’s Competition Manager ASAP.

What equipment is required to play Frisbee 5’s?

Runners or football boots and matching colour team shirts, If you don’t have matching team shirts don't stress, we’ll provide you with our Frisbee 5’s bibs to borrow for the game.

Can I join on my own or do I need to register my own team?

Absolutely. We understand it isn’t always easy to find enough friends to enter a team.  Head to the register as an individual page and follow the prompts and we’ll have you playing in no time!

How many players are there on an Frisbee 5’s team?

Frisbee 5’s has 5 players on the field per team, with unlimited interchange players. The league is Mixed gender and there must be a minimum of 2 players of either gender on the field at all times. Having a few people unavailable for a few matches is inevitable, so the perfect number of players for a championship winning Frisbee 5’s team is 10, this ensures you will always have a full side every week.

Does the standard vary between competition venues and nights?

Yes, the standard of play does vary throughout each competition venue. Depending on the competition's size and length of establishment, will effect the standard of play. Teams of all standards or level are welcome in all competitions. 

Do the competitions have insurance coverage?

Yes, all Frisbee 5’s competitions are covered by insurance. If your team is registered and paid up then your players are covered. It is extremely important that all participants are registered through the Social 7s website to ensure the insurance coverage extends to them.
In the event of you needing to make a claim just let your competition manager know and they will guide you through the process.

Is there a place where I can see the rules?

Certainly.. Head to our rules page.

Team Captain? Team captains must know the rules and after registering your team, you must complete the Frisbee 5's Rules Certification. After completing this short online rules quiz, you and your team will be eligible to take on the championship!

Five more reasons to play!

  1. Easy to learn: simplified rules means you’ll be playing like an expert in no time.
  2. Short duration: games are completed in under an hour, fitting into your busy life.
  3. Teams only require five players.
  4. No umpire required – What makes Ultimate Frisbee most unique is the fact that it is completely self refereed in all levels of the game, even at World Championships.
  5. Free skills sessions every week, 30 minutes before your weekly fixture.

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