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WAFDA Club Affiliation Policy

Download the Affiliation Policy here.


This policy is to outline the requirements Western Australian clubs must fulfil in order to become and remain affiliated with the Western Australian Flying Disc Association (WAFDA).


  • The development of strong relationships between Clubs and the WAFDA
  • To provide clubs with access to WAFDA resources, events, administration support, player pathway development and coach development pathways.


“Club” any group of 10 or more individuals who meet the eligibility criteria of this policy and who successfully apply for club status. Only affiliated bodies are recognised as Western Australian Flying Disc Association Clubs.

Affiliation Categories

Metropolitan Club – An incorporated group formed with their primary purpose being to grow and develop the sport of Ultimate with their home base located within the Perth metropolitan area
University Affiliated Club – A group or team recognised by a University as being their representative team in Ultimate at sanctioned events.
Regional Affiliated Club – An incorporated group formed with their primary purpose being to grow and develop the sport of Ultimate with their home base located outside the Perth metropolitan area.

An affiliated club operates in a suburb and offers their product to that local community (eg. youth, university, mixed, men’s, women’s). Any other affiliated club that operates in that suburb must not offer the same product/conflicting product. New affiliated clubs wishing to offer a similar product must operate in a non-occupied suburb.  

Application Process

Any group of players may apply to become a club. Potential clubs must submit an application to the WAFDA via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All applications will be presented at the next Western Australian Flying Disc Association committee meeting for approval and applicants will be notified of the outcome. An application form can be found here.

Application Criteria

To achieve affiliation status with the WAFDA, when applying, clubs must adopt, implement and maintain the following criteria:

  • Be an incorporated entity as defined by the WA Department of Commerce for incorporated bodies. (Metropolitan and Regional Affiliated Club)
  • Be recognised by a University as being officially affiliated with the University’s Sporting Association (University Affiliated Club)
  • Be committed to maintaining and developing the Spirit of the Game.
  • Promote Ultimate in Western Australia
  • A list of their executive and committee members outlining their positions.
  • Submit an initial membership database of 10 persons including full names and Australian Flying Disc Association membership number.
  • Submit a digital copy of your club’s logo.
  • Acknowledgement to adhere to WA Flying Disc Association policies.


For clubs to maintain their affiliation status with the WAFDA they must: 

  • Submit your club annual survey responses by June 30th annually to maintain affiliation status.
  • Have a representative of their club attend the WAFDA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Pay the affiliation fee to the Western Australian Flying Disc Association

Clubs who have not fulfilled the tasks for maintaining affiliation status with the WA Flying Disc Association and have not applied for exemption can lose their affiliated status by motion passed by the WA Flying Disc Association Committee and must re-submit the affiliation process. Clubs may have the right to appeal the decision.


Why should I become an affiliated club? Affiliated clubs will be eligible for the following support from the WA Flying Disc Association:

  • Club Website assistance (hosting and design)
  • A unique club email address.
  • Official affiliation status for peak events such as Australian Ultimate Championships and Australian Ultimate Mixed Championships as required by the Australian Flying Disc Association.
  • Official affiliation status for insurance purposes such as access to the Certificate of Currency (as required by the Australian Flying Disc Association).
  • Eligibility to enter and be awarded in any club related categories at the annual WAFDA awards.
  • Access to WA Flying Disc Association equipment for events (relevant EBF charges applicable).
  • Access to promotional support (E.G. event promotion, marketing design, club photo shoot).
  • Club development support and access to the annual WAFDA clubs forum.
  • Administration support.
  • Club only event invites
  • Eligibility to host AFDA ‘Ultimate Central’ website events.

Approval and Review

11. This policy was approved by the WA Flying Disc Association on 10 MAY 2016.
12. This policy is due for review by the WA Flying Disc Association in MAY 2017.


Find out how to affiliate with the WAFDA here.

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